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'); }()); Once you know "how" a person’s intellect is hardwired to think and reason, you from that moment on know the optimal way to always sell to them.

Several years ago, before I started my own company, I attended a sales training seminar given by O.L. Houston on Temperament Selling. At the time I’d been in sales for several years, and had spent far too much time, and money, on hyped-up sales training systems and hotshot sales trainers who promised you the world only to find out once they had your money that all they really had was a re-packaging of the same old stuff I’d bought before. The truth is the only reason I went to seminar was because I’d seen what O.L. had done for Bruce Pickett, a friend of mine. Chris Cook the owner of Sleep Experts (my employer at the time) had O.L. train Bruce one afternoon. The next day he sold mattresses to 11 out of the 12 new customers, without discounting (which was the only way Bruce could sell). Bruce made more money that day then he’d made the whole month before. You can believe me or not, the choice is yours. But the facts don’t lie. Within a year after that seminar Sleep Experts had more than doubled in size from 10 stores to 22. We went from barely making it to being everywhere. And the only thing that was different was O.L.’s seminar.

“I recently began a new career as a telemarketer with a half billion dollar company not knowing what to expect. I’d been in direct sales for years, but never phone sales. As fate would have it, I met O.L. Houston one day at Zig Ziglar’s… Read more…

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